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Mammal Guide of Southern Africa

*** Do you plan to go on a Safari in Southern Africa, Namibia, Simbabwe, Botswana or Kenya? Then this is the app for you. ***


Based on the renowned reference work "Mammals of Southern Africa" from Burger Cillié, the app covers 135 of the most common mammal species the southern African sub-region. This app is a co-production between BRIZA Publications and SUNBIRD IMAGES, creator of professional mobile field guides. With more than 200 excellent colour images, plus distribution maps, tracks, and animal calls this app is the ultimate digital pocket field guide! Easy identification with the most advanced compare mode. This app was produced and designed by experienced biologists. Professional designers have created a user interface which allows a simple and intuitive handling.


The app "Mammal Guide of Southern Africa" is part of the SUNBIRD IMAGES “RED LABEL” series. Our apps of the RED LABEL series encompass sophisticated field guides which provide extensive data of regularly occurring species. These apps mainly focus on the native species of the respective region. With an easy-to-use design the apps of our RED LABEL series address all nature lovers. The apps are well suited for ambitious beginners, the naturalist, hikers as well as parents aiming to give their children an understanding of nature.


This digital "Mammal Guide of Southern Africa" offers:

  • 135 species, covering all larger mammals in the entire southern African region
  • Distribution maps
  • Animal calls including spectrograms
  • Information on size, taxonomy, Habitat, Distribution, breeding, food, enemies
  • Animal names in English, Afrikaans, Latin, German, and French
  • Use the compare mode to distinguish different species
  • Identify similar species
  • Create sighting lists on a map via GPS and sort by place, date, group, and name
  • Make notes for each animal spotted
  • 3 different display modes
  • “A–Z View” lists all species alphabetically
  • “Category View” lists all mammals by clustering related taxa
  • The "Gallery View" again groups all related species into 20 pictorial categories


The app will continuously be developed further. All updates are free of charge. Once downloaded no internet connection needed – just download the app and enjoy your Safari!


€ 8,99