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Sunbird Apps & eBooks

Sunbird Images® is leading in the area of premium quality nature applications for mobile devices. With more than half a million downloads Sunbird Images has become the market leader for nature apps in Europe and currently ranks among the top five nature app developing companies worldwide. Sunbird Images is a trusted brand for all nature enthusiasts.

Our portfolio encompasses nature guides and identification-apps for animals, plants, and mushrooms. Wildlife enthusiasts, scientists, nature professionals as well as families and the casual naturalist find the apps that suit their respective needs. The intuitive operation, the possibility to create individual species lists, and location tracking with GPS satellite navigation enable professionals and amateurs likewise to extend their knowledge and benefit from the best possible user experience.

The development of our apps is done in collaboration with national and international partners. The apps are characterised by an appealing and user-friendly design. Essentially, we also own state-of-the-art technologies such as the automatic recognition of birds by their songs or flowers by just a photograph. The high-quality content is created in close cooperation with scientists and publishing companies. With our apps we specifically target individual countries and regions. Through our partnering networks, located in the respective target markets, we guarantee to offer tailor-made product portfolio to customers worldwide.

Many of our apps are available in various languages and for different geographic regions. We develop apps for iOS and Android OS.


Apps from our GOLD LABEL series excel through outstandingly complete content covering a vast abundance of species of large transnational regions in full detail. These apps provide a highly elaborate user interface designed to cater the needs of advanced and professional naturalists. Unmatched and absolutely state-of-the-art!

This series is currently being complemented by further apps.

Bird Songs Europe
All Birds Northern South America
The Golden Safari Guide

Our BLUE LABEL series are top notch digital field guides which provide the most comprehensive data available for a region or taxon. They stand for completeness including even the very rare species and vagrants which have only been recorded once or a few times in a region. Included content has either undergone a thorough editing process or derives from printed field guides from publishers with which Sunbird Images collaborates. The very rare species and vagrants are also illustrated and described in detail featured with a full species account. More apps for this series are currently being produced.

All Birds UK
All Birds Germany
All Birds Switzerland
All Birds Netherlands
All Birds Sweden
All Birds Austria
All Birds Luxembourg
All Birds Scotland
All Birds Colombia
All Birds Ecuador
All Birds Venezuela
All Birds Trinidad & Tobago
All Birds Northern Peru
All Birds Northern Brazil
All Birds Guianas
Bird Songs USA & Canada (3100)
Tree Id USA
Tree Id Canada
Alle Bäume Deutschland
Alle Bäume Schweiz
Mushroom Guide
British Isles
Wildflowers South Africa

Our RED LABEL series encompasses sophisticated field guides which provide extensive data of regularly occurring species. These apps mainly focus on the native species of the respective region. With an easy-to-use design the apps of our RED LABEL series address all nature lovers. The apps are well suited for ambitious beginners, the naturalist, hikers as well as parents aiming to give their children an understanding of nature.

Birds of Great Britain
Birds of Switzerland
Birds of the Netherlands
Bird Id Germany
Bird Id Switzerland
Bird Id UK
Oiseau Id
Bird Id USA
Bird Id Austria
Bird Song Id UK Automatic
Bird Song Id Automatic Germany
Bird Song Id Automatic Netherlands
Bird Song Id Automatic Sweden
Bird Song Id Automatic France
Canto Aves Id Automático de España
Bird Song Id Automatic Italy
Bird Song Id Automatic USA
Bird Song Id Automatic Canada
Bird Song Id Australia Automatic
Reptil Id
Reptile Id UK
Butterfly Id British Isles
Butterfly Id Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Caterpillar Id USA
Collecting Mushrooms Germany
Mushroom Id Germany
Mushroom Id Switzerland
Mushroom Id UK
Mushroom Id USA
Tree Id UK
Tree Id Australia
Tree Id Germany
Tree Id Netherlands
Arbre Id
Tree Id Switzerland
Winter TreeId
Winter TreeId Netherlands
Wild Flower Id UK with photo recognition
Wild Flower Id USA
Wilde Bloemen Id
Flower Id Germany & CE with photo recognition
Alpine Flower Id
Flowering Plants Germany
Flowering Plants Switzerland
Orchid Id
Mammal Guide
of Southern Africa
Dog Id
Fish Id