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All Birds Germany

*** The complete fieldguide to the official list of bird species recorded in Germany ***


This is the only app that describes in detail all the 514 bird species including the irregular visitors. It comes with distribution maps and 2,411 premium photos in HD-quality and more than 900 bird songs.

You can map birds with GPS, make your own lists or simply enjoy the app listening to bird sounds or browsing the species. This exceptional app has been developed by passionate field ornithologists and published ecologists.


The app was presented and raffled as a price in the course of the Birdrace 2016 by the DDA (Dachverband Deutscher Avifaunisten), the German Association of Avifauna.


This app offers comprehensive content:

  • entire app can be switched to German / English
  • includes all 514 species ever recorded in Germany
  • detailed distribution maps
  • irregular visitors are marked in red and can be faded-in or -out
  • extensive descriptions to every species with 25 sub-features each!
  • 2.411 well selected photographs, all in the size of 1024 x 678 Pixels
  • photos to each species, including female as well as summer and winter plumage for nearly every species
  • all images labeled


As well as very special features:

  • sonagrams of all songs
  • sort and display species: A-Z, 19 different languages, by taxonomy
  • egg photos of 80% of all German species
  • 938 bird songs and calls, in total 91 % of all German species
  • create sighting lists and sort by place, date, group, and name
  • automatically plots all spots on a map via GPS, which can be edited
  • make notes for each bird spotted


*** Once downloaded no internet connection is needed! ***


All updates are free of charge!


£ 14.99