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Alpine Flower Id

Alpenblumen Id is available only in GERMAN language

Alpenblumen Id is a nature guide with the most frequent 230 wild flower species in Switzerland, Austria, and the German alpine region.


*** With simple identification function: just answer a few questions and let your phone do the identification! ***


In the media this app has in many cases been called the best alpine flower nature guide! The app contains over 800 photos, GPS localization, list function, quiz and much more. The selection of species was not made randomly but describes the 230 actually most frequently appearing flower species in the above mentioned regions. Alpenblumen Id is another successful identification app from the SUNBIRD nature guide series!


*** Easy and intuitive to use ***


Different than with other nature guides this flower app is based on an identification system developed by published biologists. By answering 10 simple questions the user is actually guided to the flower looked for and its similar species.


The special thing about this app: In order to precisely identify an alpine flower no previous or botanical expert knowledge whatsoever is required!


Of particular help here are the fantastic images which show all flowers in their natural environment. These photos have been chosen among thousands in order to enable the most certain identification of species. This careful selection of images essential for identification.


Comprehensive texts on description, similarities, ecology, and much more complete this flower app. Importantly, these texts do not refer Europe in general but have been written specifically for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Content and special features of this app:

  • the 230 most frequent flower species occurring in Switzerland, Austria, and the alpine region of Germany
  • top identification key
  • extensive description texts
  • several different photos to each species – with photos to leaves, flower, the whole plant, and habitat, in total more than 800 images!
  • full text search for keywords
  • each flower species can be marked on a map via GPS on the spot
  • graphically well-designed layout
  • the set up of the whole app is simple and clear cut


Alpenblumen Id can also be used for making and keeping personal sighting lists.


*** The app completely works offline, no internet connection is needed in the field ***


All updates are free of charge.


£ 4.99