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Bird Song Id Canada Automatic

Bird Song Id Canada helps you to automatically identify the birds of Canada by their songs and calls.


*** This is the most functional Bird Song app on the market by far. ***

The app includes 182 native bird species and an audio reference library of over 300 songs and calls. To identify a bird by its song or call just record it for 30 seconds. Our aim is to get the correct bird in the top three of those listed. In our testing of over 1,000 samples we found the success rate to be 85%. 

Apart from the special automatic recognition feature the app also offers further helpful content:

  • galary view to identify birds by their families
  • index view to search for birds
  • monograph to each bird with photo, description, information on different names (e.g. common and scientific), family and genus as well as distribution status
  • manual id function to identify bird songs by determining six simple aspects, e.g. if the song is melodious or not, whether pitch and volume are high, medium or low etc.
  • quiz for identifying bird songs
  • search function
  • map and list your personal recordings


Bird Song Id has been created by professional published ecologists. It is great fun and easy to use and can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can also make your own bird song recordings and keep a bird song diary. 

Automatic Recognition takes place on the device, all songs and calls are downloaded when the app is purchased. So no internet connection or mobile network is needed.


$ 4.59