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Bird Songs USA & Canada (3100)

*** Another American Bird App? Remember the app 'Birdtunes', an app to quickly browse songs and calls of North American birds which is no longer available? This is its replacement with updated taxonomy, over 3,100 songs including all the songs from Lang Elliott + 400 more! However, this app is NOT a field guide but a great companion if you already know your birds and simply need a source to QUICKLY find and play top quality songs in the field! *** 

The sounds are of superb quality covering 900 bird species and 3,100 songs and calls including spectrograms for each sound. Photographs and a selection of states and provinces are also included. *** This is the best set of songs and calls for this region ever published.***

All species can be browsed according to their taxonomic classification and thus easily be compared. Spectrograms to all sounds as well as high quality photographs and descriptions to each species are also included. Explanations to all recordings are given including location and more. Bird names are given in English, Latin and French, Spanish and German.

This app offers many special features:

  • 3,100 songs & calls
  • includes 900 North American species, USA & Canada
  • spectrograms to all sounds
  • compare 8 or 16 sounds next to each other or play simultaneously
  • 1,380 photographs
  • create your own sighting lists and sort by place, date, group, and name
  • make notes for each bird spotted
  • display bird names in 5 languages and select sequence: English, Latin, French, Spanish, German

Once downloaded no internet connection needed – just download the app and start birding!

Please note: to work on an iPod touch you need at least generation 5. Thank you. 


US-$ 9.99