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Caterpillars of Eastern North America A Guide to Identification and Natural History (Princeton Field Guides)

*** Caterpillar Id will help you identify caterpillars native to Eastern NA ***


Based on David Wagner’s renowned Princeton field guide "Caterpillars of Eastern North America", this exciting new app is the ultimate digital pocket guide for quickly and easily identifying the most common native caterpillar species in Eastern North America—and for keeping a personalized log of your sightings!

Covering 576 species and featuring more than 1,200 superb color images, the app is also useful for identifying caterpillars in the whole of southern Canada, parts of the Pacific Northwest, and, at a generic level, in most of the United States west of the Mississippi. 


Focusing on the larger, commonly encountered caterpillars that are most popular with gardeners, naturalists, and children, the app is designed to be enjoyed by nature lovers, hikers, and families, as well as by field biologists, zoologists, and other professionals


Each of the 576 species is illustrated with 1 to 4 photos, with most of the main pictures showing the full-grown caterpillar, and other photos showing color variations and, for 383 species, the adult butterfly or moth as well.


*** An abundance of information is given for each species, including taxonomy, description, occurrence, food, and additional interesting facts ***


All species are listed by their scientific and common names and can easily be compared by browsing according to their taxonomic classification.


A simple identification key narrows down potential species and consists of a choice of 9 major morphological traits, including 42 sub-traits, ranging from color combinations to body features, such as tails, knobs, and hair.


The unique content includes:

• Covers 576 caterpillar species

• Features 1,216 superb color images

• Offers 3 ways to sort and display species: gallery, A–Z, or taxonomic 

• Lists caterpillars by their common and scientific names

• Allows you to compare caterpillars next to each other—up to 8 on a phone and 16 on a tablet

• Enables you to log your sightings, make notes for each, and sort your list by place, date, group, and name

• Plots sightings automatically on an editable map via GPS

• Includes an export function for sending each list to any email address as a CSV data file


Once you download the app, no internet connection is needed - just open the app and get started!


$ 4.99 / £ 4.99