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Dog Id

*** This app not only allows you to determine a breed of dogs but especially enables you to find the appropriate dog for you! ***


It includes the 170 most frequent dog breeds in Europe which are internationally acknowledged by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the world’s largest canine organisation of the world.


The app also includes comprehensive text content and nearly 1,000 high-quality photos in total.


The app “Dog Id” is another product from the product line “Id-series” produced by SUNBIRD IMAGES. This app is based on a sophisticated identification system developed by different experts. By answering 12 simple questions you are guided to the dog (breed) ideal for your needs as well as to possible similar breeds.


The idea for this app was developed by dog and animal lovers and was produced by a team of biologists, vets, and experts for professional dog ownership. Professional designers have created a concept which allows a simple handling and an intuitive handling.


*** This app is the ideal digital pocket guide to find your perfect companion! ***


This app addresses dog lovers, dog owners and especially those looking to become one. Due to the professional approach the app serves experts as well as amateurs as reference and guide. Furthermore, the aim of this app is to increase knowledge and understanding about the different dog breeds and to support the fun handling a dog.


Comprehensive content:

  • Dog breeds can be displayed in 3 different ways in this app: In the “A-Z View” all breeds are listed alphabetically according to the English or German name as selected. The “Gallery View” groups all related breeds into 39 pictorial categories. The “Category View” lists all dog groups, clustering related dog breeds. By clicking on a group all related breeds are displayed in a dropdown menu one below the other.
  • An abundance of information can be requested for each dog breed. Apart from extensive information regarding appearance (e.g. height, weight, fur type), origin, life expectancy and FCI-Number, future dog owners receive specific advice regarding species-appropriate keeping and its requirement. You will, for example, learn whether a breed is especially fond of children, gets along with other dogs, posses a pronounced urge to hunt, needs a lot of exercise and is suited for sports, or barks a lot.
  • Each dog breed is illustrated with at least one photograph. In total, there are nearly 1,000 pictures. These originate from renowned animal photographers and have specifically been chosen under the aspect of allowing a good identification and selection of the breed.


What breed of dog suits me? - Identification function

Illustrated through an eye symbol on the starting screen you will be guided to the identification part. This again is based on a sophisticated identification system developed by experts. It includes the most important characteristics of a dog breed. Choose one or several identification criteria such as fur type or height and have the results displayed. Only the breeds which match the selected features are listed. By clicking on one of the results shown on the list, you will be directly guided to the single view of the chosen breeds.


Creating personal lists

Another specific feature of this app is the list function. This, amongst others, allows you to create a list of your preferred breed or to mark nice places when on tour with your own dog. Information like location, time and GPS coordinates are automatically registered here. If preferred, you can also enter these data manually. All entries can be displayed in a list and sorted by date, breed or location. Additionally, there also is a memo field for entering individual notes.


*** All updates are free of charge ***


£ 3.99