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Oiseau Id France

*** Oiseau Id is one of the most popular bird identification apps in France ***


This app helps you to identify the most common bird species in French gardens. The selection of species was not made randomly as is the case with many other bird identification apps but according to official counts by French ornithologists as gathered by CRBPO du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelles. In total, this guide covers 114 species – including images as well as songs and calls!


*** Easy and fun to use ***


What is special about this app: in order to identify a bird no previous knowledge or expertise is required! Of particular help here are the fantastic photos which show all bird species in their natural environment.


What’s more: Oiseau Id includes an identification key that has been developed by professional and published ornithologists. By answering 7 simple questions leads you to the bird searched for and also shows similar species.


Comprehensive content:

  • according to census the most common French garden birds
  • descriptions to all bird species
  • bird songs to all species
  • interesting information regarding ecology, habitat, size, distribution, and much more
  • notes to similarities between species


Additionally, this app offers many special features:

  • leading-edge identification key based on the KUSAM methodology. This state of the art method is a modern taxonomic keying system designed specifically for use on mobile devices.
    photos to each species, to many also photos for the female and different plumages
  • exciting bird quiz
  • full-text search for keywords
  • each species can be marked via GPS on the spot on the map
  • graphically well-designed  layout


Moreover, Oiseau Id can be used to make personalised sighting lists. It’s fun for the whole family!


As all content is downloaded when the app is purchased, no internet connection required!


*** All updates are free of charge! ***


 € 3.99