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Pilze Sammeln, Bestimmen und Zubereiten

This mushroom guide is the ideal companion to identify mushrooms in nature! The selection of species covers the 100 most common and easy to identify mushrooms in 400 photos.


*** This app is particularly suited for beginners! ***


Often the handling of a nature app is complicated – not in our case! SUNBIRD-Apps are well proven in their well-arranged and simple menu navigation and the high quality images which are essential for identification. Rare species which only confuse identification have consciously been omitted in this app.


This app has been developed by published biologists with more than 30 years experience in collecting mushrooms. This experience also helps the inexperienced gatherer to distinguish edible mushrooms from their poisonous doubles in the field. He learns which mushrooms grow under which trees and from the texts gains a lot of important information to each species.


*** A traffic light colour code instantly indicates an edible, unenjoyable, or poisonous mushroom! ***


Each mushroom can be searched for by German or scientific name. Mushrooms can be sorted according to relatedness, alphabetically, or according to whether they are edible or not.


The mushroom guide in brief:

  • 100 different mushrooms
  • each species is illustrated with selected photos showing the mushrooms in their natural environment
  • easy to use picture based identification key
  • introduction with tips and tricks for collecting mushrooms
  • located mushrooms can be saved via GPS localisation
  • 50 delicious mushroom recipes for different mushroom species


To each species there is elaborate information regarding:

  • appearance
  • taxonomy (relatedness)
  • habitat (where the mushroom grows)
  • possibilities for confusion (similar species are listed)
  • similar poisonous species
  • poisonousness
  • type of poisoning
  • first aid
  • synonyms (other names the mushroom is known by)


*** All updates are free of charge ***


€ 4,99