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Pilzführer Schweiz

Collecting mushrooms is a great hobby and a lot of fun. You get to pick the mushrooms in fresh air in nature, identify them and subsequently prepare them to a great meal.

Alone in Central Europe there are about 3,000 mushroom species und there isn't a single book that lists them all. Admittedly, many of them are small representatives which are not suitable for consumption anyway. People who frequently go mushroom hunting soon find out that the large bulk of found mushrooms belong to only a couple species. The selection of species in this app is focused on these common mushrooms. 


This digital nature guide thus contains the 350 most frequent and conspicuous mushroom species.


*** It is the only app which is specifically tailored to collectors in Switzerland ***


In total, the mushrooms are illustrated with 1,231 photos in order to enable a reliable identification. The identification key classifies all mushrooms into certain groups which are also easy to distinguish by inexperienced collectors. The subsequent narrowing down after a short time reveals a small list and thus the result.


This app has been developed by published biologists with more than 30 years experience in collecting mushrooms. This experience also helps the inexperienced gatherer to distinguish edible mushrooms from their poisonous doubles in the field. He learns which mushrooms grow under which trees and from the texts gains a lot of important information to each species.


*** A traffic light colour code instantly indicates an edible, unenjoyable, or poisonous mushroom! ***


The aspect edibility indicates characteristics during cooking, ingredients as well as allergic incompatibility reactions. Species which are known to trigger off allergic reactions for some people in this app are separately pointed out in the category “edibility”. 


Additionally, the app offers a function with which the species found can automatically and with indicating the amount, the location, the date and a personal note be saved. With the help of the saved GPS data the exact place of growth can be relocated on the next excursion or in the following year.


And the app offers another special feature: To all edible mushrooms there is a selection of 50 delicious recipes.


The content at a glance:

  • 350 different mushrooms
  • each species is illustrated with excellent photos showing the mushrooms in their natural environment, in total 1,231
  • image based easy to use identification key
  • comparison of similar species
  • A-Z sorting
  • sort according to edibility
  • located mushrooms can automatically be saved as favourites
  • 50 delicious recipes
  • introduction with tips and tricks for collecting mushrooms


To each species there is comprehensive information regarding: 

  • appearance (extensive description)
  • spore colour
  • habitat (where the mushroom grows)
  • taxonomy (relatedness)
  • possibilities for confusion (similar species are listed)
  • poisonousness
  • type of poisoning
  • first aid
  • synonyms (other names of the mushroom)


*** All updates are free of charge ***


£ 7.99