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Reptil Id - Die Reptilien und Amphibien Deutschlands

*** Reptil Id is nature guide for all reptile and amphibian species of Germany ***


The app without exception covers all 34 native species, amongst it 13 reptile species and 21 amphibian species – from the aspic viper to the Eurasian spadefood toad.


By answering a few simple question the user is directly guided to the species sighted. Alternatively, one can go via a list to the animals in order to have a look at them in detail. Thanks to the great photos by well-known nature photographers identification is very easy.


*** For each species this app offers comprehensive information regarding distribution, ecology, taxonomy, and particular identification features ***


Reptil Id can also be used to let others know whichh reptiles and amphibians have been found where in nature. These sightings and those of other users are documented on our sightings map. This enables all users of Reptil Id to record the locations of different reptiles and amphibians and give other nature lovers the opportunity to sight them as well.



 € 2.99