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Schmetterling ID – Schmetterlinge Deutschlands, Österreichs und der Schweiz – Ein Naturführer zur Bestimmung der häufigsten heimischen Arten

Schmetterling Id is an identification guide with the 150 most common butterflies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


*** With more than 500 photos, GPS localisation, listing function, butterfly quiz, and much more ***


This app is the best selling butterfly app in the UK and has now been adjusted especially for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Specifically, the selection of species was not made randomly but refers to the 150 actually most frequently occurring butterfly species.

Differently than other nature guides this butterfly app is based on an identification scheme developed by published biologists. By answering 10 simple questions this tool easily leads to the butterfly to be identified and its similar species.


* Crucial: In order to accurately identify a butterfly no previous or expert knowledge is required! *


Of particular help for identification are the fantastic photos which show all butterflies with front and rear side in their natural environment. These photos were carefully selected among thousands of pictures in order to enable identification as reliable as possible. The thorough selection of images forms the basis for a successful identification.


Extensive texts including descriptions, information to similarities, ecology and much more complete this stunning butterfly app. Critically, the texts in this app do not refer to Europe in general as is often the case with other butterfly apps but are especially targeted at GERMANY, AUSTRIA, and SWITZERLAND. This amongst others refers to population size, frequency, status, and growth.

Comprehensive content and special features:

  • the 150 most common butterfly species of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • top identification ky
  • comprehensive description texts
  • several photos for each species, in total more than 500, including front and back side
  • full text search for key words
  • each species can be precisely marked on a map via GPS
  • graphically well-designed layout


Schmetterling Id can also be used for creating personal sighting lists.


*** All updates are free of charge ***


€ 4.99