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Vogel Id Schweiz – Vögel Erkennen und Bestimmen in Wald und Garten

*** Vogel Id Schweiz is the most downloaded garden bird app in the German speaking region ***


Vogel Id Schweiz is a nature guide to identify the most common bird species in Switzerland – including all bird songs! The selection of species was not made randomly as is the case with many other bird apps but Vogel Id describes the 115 officially most frequently seen bird species in Switzerland.


The special thing about this app: In order to precisely identify a bird no previous or ornithological expert knowledge whatsoever is required! Particularly helpful in this respect are the fantastic photos which show all bird species in their natural environment.


 The app also includes an identification key that has been developed by published ornithologists and which by answering 7 simple questions actually leads to the bird searched for and shows similar species!


Comprehensive content:

  • according to census the 115 most common bird species in Switzerland
  • descriptions to each bird species
  • bird songs to each species
  • interesting information to ecology, habitat, size, distribution and much more
  • clues regarding similarities between species


Crucial about this app: information and descriptions have been focussed particularly on SWITZERLAND instead of being kept generally about Europe as is often case.


Besides all this the app offers many special features:

  • top identification key
  • photos to each species, to many species also photos of the female as well as summer and winter plumage
  • exciting bird quiz
  • full text search function for key words
  • each bird species can be flagged via GPS on a map
  • graphically well designed layout


Vogel Id Schweiz can also be employed to create personal sighting lists.

*** All updates are free of charge! ***


 CHF 6.-