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Vogelstimmen Id - automatisch Vogelgesang erkennen - die Rufe und Gesänge unserer Vögel

*** Vogelstimmen Id is the perfect aid to easily and quickly identify a bird automatically by its song or call ***


The app likewise works for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg!


Vogelstimmen Id has been positively reviewed by several well-known sources in Germany such as SPIEGEL ONLINE, the German Railways magazine (DB MOBIL MAGAZIN) and others.


SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN writes about the English version:

"It's Shazam for birdsong. Record a bird's warble—the cleaner the recording, the better the luck you'll have—and let the app tell you what species you're hearing!"


DB MOBIL MAGAZIN presented Vogelstimmen Id as a Top App in its category 'Well tipped - apps for the summer' (7-2013).


The contents of this app have been developed by passionate ornithologists and published biologists. The fantastic photos, which show all bird species in their natural environment, significantly support an easy identification and originate from renowned nature photographers of the photo agency SUNBIRD IMAGES.


The birds can also be easily identified by answering six simple questions.


The special thing about this app: In order to precisely determine a bird no previous or expert knowledge whatsoever is required! It is fun for the whole family and provides a great learning effect also for children! mytoys reviewed the app positively in its category 'Apps for Kids'.


Content and functions at one glance:

  • automatic bird song identification – just press the button and let identification begin
  • the app covers the 136 most common bird species
  • bird songs / calls to all 136 species
  • all species are illustrated with photos
  • bird song quiz (with or without image selection) + highscore feature
  • option to create your own bird song recording collection
  • comparison feature of two bird songs
  • mapping of bird songs including GPS data
  • description texts to all bird songs
  • full-text search for keywords
  • graphically well designed layout
  • top identification key via KUSAM technology


Nature guide apps by SUNBIRD IMAGES in close cooperation with English Isoperla Ltd have received international recognition and award due to their easy usability and high scientific quality.


*** The app does not require any internet connection! Contrary to similar apps the entire content is available directly offline after downloading! ***


Vogelstimmen Id can also be used for the generation of a personal bird song collection.


EUR 4.99