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Wildflowers of South Africa - a photographic nature guide to identify SA flowers

*** The most comprehensive guide to identify the wildflowers of South Africa! ***


This is the interactive digital field guide to the renowned reference work "Photo Guide to the Wildflowers of South Africa" by John Manning, covering 900 species. The author John Manning is a research botanist at the National Biodiversity Institute in Cape Town.


The app has received important positive review:

GETAWAY, SA's leading travel magazine, for instance, writes “The step-by-step identification process is easier than using a coffee plunger.” And: “The species are arranged by colour, then season, then environment – even the kids can use it. Spot a purple flower in February in the fynbos region? Your chances of correctly identifying the flower increase drastically using this app.”


Important to know: To identify a flower and to use this app NO previous botanical or other expert knowledge is required! Simply select the flower colour, the month and/ or the area you are visiting - and you get the results with short listed species!


This app covers 900 of the most common and most conspicuous wildflowers that occur in South Africa and the neighbouring countries! Whether you are a local or a tourist, this app helps you to identify the amazing flora of South Africa.


Of great help for identification are the high-quality photos and distribution maps that are available for each plant in this app as well as the sophisticated and intuitive id feature.


Moreover, an abundance of information can be found for each plant species, including plant names in different languages, taxonomy, description, data regarding flowering time, and habitat. Furthermore, there are additional notes on interesting facts for some plants.


This app was produced and designed by experienced biologists and botanists. Professional designers have created a user interface which allows a simple and intuitive handling.


*** Our app is easy and fun to use at the same time! ***


Extensive and high-quality content including:

  • 900 of South Africa’s most common wildflowers are portrayed
  • information on plant names, taxonomy, description, flowering time, habitat and more
  • more than 1,000 premium photos, each flower illustrated
  • 900 distribution maps


Special features of this app:

  • Sophisticated identification system developed by botanists
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • 3 different display views: “A–Z View” by flower name, “Category View” sorted by family, “Identification Key View” by groups of several pictorial categories
  • Choose one region: Grassland and Savannah, Fynbos, or Namaqualand, and all flowers specific to that region are displayed
  • Flower names in different languages: Latin and English in all and Afrikaans in most cases
  • Every species included in this app can be saved as a sighting automatically via GPS


All this content and these features make this app the ultimate digital pocket field guide!


*** Once downloaded no internet connection needed! ***


And: All updates are free of charge!


R 259.99