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Find your perfect Dog Breed! How to choose the right dog

*** This e-book not only allows you to determine a breed of dogs but especially enables you to find the appropriate dog for you! ***


It includes the 170 most frequent dog breeds in Europe which are internationally acknowledged by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the world’s largest canine organisation of the world.


This e-book includes comprehensive text content to each dog breed and nearly 1,000 photos in total.


The idea for this book was developed by dog and animal lovers and was produced by a team of biologists, vets, and experts for professional dog ownership. Professional designers have created a concept which allows a simple handling and an intuitive handling.


*** This app is the ideal digital pocket guide. Find your perfect companion. ***


Comprehensive content:

  • comprises the most frequently owned dog breeds in Europe
  • interesting information on size, weight, origin, life expectancy, fur length and type, frequency of barking, compatibility with other dogs, suitability as a garding dog, FCI number, demand of keeping and much more
  • large scale high quality photos which show the dogs in their natural environment
  • short information as well as written texts on each breed


Further specialties:

  • clearly arranged categorisation according to demand of keeping
  • pictograms which quickly and clearly show the main characteristics and features of a dog


*** Graphically well designed layout, easy to use, and large font size ***



Available on Amazon, Google, Apple, Kobo und Thalia


ISBN: 978-3-946074-08-3


€ 4,99