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Gartenvögel Deutschlands - Vögel Erkennen, Bestimmen und Schützen [Audio Version] Naturführer zum Identifizieren der 100 häufigsten heimischen Vogelarten in Deutschland

*** The only ebook with calls and songs to all bird species! ***


„Gartenvögel Deutschlands“ is a nature guide to determine the most common bird species in Germany, including bird songs and calls. The selection of species did not occur by chance as is the case with other ebooks but describes the 100 actually most frequently seen bird species - as documented by the annual bird counts organised by the Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU).


All species are illustrated with brilliant colour photos, the bird songs and calls can be played at the push of a button.


Comprehensive texts with interesting information about the individual birds regarding size, habitat, population size, distribution, status and several more complete this ebook.


Sepcial features of this ebook:

  • according to counts by NABU the 100 most common garden birds in Germany
  • what we have that the others don't have: Bird songs playable to all species!
  • what we also have that the others don't have: Distribution maps to each species!
  • photos of male and female as well as flight silhouettes and interesting information to each bird
  • moreover: The photos and distribution maps can easily be enlarged by a touch of the finger


Additional advantages of this ebook:

  • graphically well-shaped layout for a dead easy identification
  • simple identification key according to relationship (e.g. all tits, finches etc.)
  • structured table of content for clear navigation and keyword search


 „Gartenvögel Deutschlands“ was developed by passionate field ornithologists and published biologists. The great thing about our ebooks: In order to precisely identify a bird no previous knowledge or ornithological expert skills whatsoever are required.


This competent and comprehensive digital nature guide is ideal for the whole family. The book is in German.


ISBN: 978-3-946074-00-7


 £ 6.49