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NYANS - Not Your Average Nature Show!

NYANS is the 'Beastie Boys' eats 'Top Gear' while channeling 'Monty Python' through the mind of David Attenborough. Obtusely legit biotainment!


Travel with us across the globe to exotic locales seeking fantastic creatures. We will show you a whole new way to look at nature!

Not Your Average Nature Show is nature, science, hardcore, exotic, adventure, and lots of fun. With our videos we lift Biotainment to the next level!

We are reaching out to representatives of TV networks and on demand internet streaming media providers to establish a completely new show in the area of non-fiction entertainment. More content is available upon request; please contact Dr. Georg Pohland via

You can also help us to make this project a success - and at the same time benefit yourself - by purchasing our nature apps and / or e-books.