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Mushroom hunting is popular across all ages. For many people, it is a must in autumn, to hike in the now colourful forests equipped with a basket and to hunt for mushrooms for a nice meal or a suitable side dish for, e.g., game dishes. Many mushroom species are however very small and therefore, unsuitable for collecting and consumption anyway. Most mushroom hunters concentrate on the common species, which include the most popular edible mushrooms. To give the not so experienced mushroom hunter an introduction to this culinary pastime, Sunbird Images has developed the app PilzSnap. It comes with automatic image recognition and contains all significant very poisonous and the important first quality edible mushrooms. It is extremely important to note that even the best optical recognition will never replace the knowledge of a mushroom expert or longtime mushroom hunter. Optical detection cannot detect such important characteristics as scent or microscopic features.  

identification key

PilzSnap has an AI based automatic image recognition. For safety reasons and to reduce the possibility of confusion, a hybrid solution was chosen. The user first selects a mushroom category before the recognition function is started. This has the advantage that a separate neural network could be programmed and trained for each category, which further improves recognition. 


Difficulties in creating the perfect digital mushroom guide with AI 

Make a difference to already established mushroom guides on the app market

Avoid confusion of poisonous  mushrooms with edible species 

How to address mushroom images taken from above not showing species distinctive traits below cap such as gills? 


PilzSnap can automatically detect all important mushrooms and the results of the detection function are displayed as a list of images. In addition, this list uses the so-called traffic light colours (coloured boxes) to indicate whether it is a poisonous mushroom, an inedible mushroom or an edible mushroom. Information such as location, time and GPS coordinates are automatically recorded. With the help of stored GPS data, the exact growth location can be found again on the next walk or in the following year. 



Sunbird came up with the following to tackle challenges 

  • Preselection of easily assignable categories to correctly assign images from species taken from above
  • Preselection of groups very different in hazardness concerning selection of species within a group
  • Build AI with newest technology developed in collaborating High Tech center in Israel
  • 500,000 training images carefully identified by mushroom expert personnel 


The app offers extensive information about each mushroom species. In addition to numerous significant pictures and a summary, there is information about characteristics of the respective species with a description of appearance, spore color, distribution, ecology as well as possibilities of confusion with other species and of course edibility. In addition, similar species can be displayed through an additional function. 



Optionally, a comprehensive mushroom lexicon is available as an In-app purchase for the app, which the user can use independently of the identification function to learn more about mushrooms or to browse through the wonderful images.