Automatic Recognition

Embedded in our apps for animals, plants and fungi

iOS and Android Apps

Longstanding experience in developing native apps for both platforms with 120 apps online

Web Apps

From shops to administrative dashboards we build your custom CMS and CRM systems

Citizen Science

We support Citizen Science projects with customized apps (> 1 Mio. downloads)

Wildlife Monitoring

From wild bee monitoring to lemurs in Madagascar we help with species monitoring


We have become experts in app store optimization, we help make your app visible

Artificial Intelligence

Automatic Image recognition

We build apps to recognize species by their picture taken

Automatic Sound recognition

We are market leaders with animal sound recognition apps around the world.



Ai in apps
& Devices

We include neural networks in offline apps, server-based apps or onboard built in devices

Content Production


Find over 100k images with over 10k species in our wildlife agency


Over the years we obtained the rights to video clips of more than 1,000 animal species


Our sound library consists of more than 10,000 engineered animal sounds


For our apps we own textinformation to over 10,000 animal, plants and mushroom species


From distribution maps to animal illustrations we got it or we can create it

Scientific Expertise


With 3 ornithologists in the core team & over 70 marketed bird apps birds run in Sunbird’s DNA


Worked with Princeton’s experts on US caterpillars & the German government on bees creating apps


Co-founder Georg’s field of expertise, a true herpetologist through and through


From flower recognition to garden center apps to published books we‘ve done it all


Co-founder Peter’s interest in mushroom hunting has led to 8 mushroom Id apps in 6 countries


Our Swarovski “dG Mammal” app is the most accurate field guide for European mammals on the market


Sunbird is prepping up content to bring new products to market in this important field of marine ecosystems


Supporting ecosystem services