News 2024
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Mai 2024

What's crawling there?

An interesting article on our new BUND Insect App and all the work that went into it.

April 2024

Back to School

Today, Kirsten and Peter were guest speakers at the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium in Velbert. To around 700 pupils of different age groups they presented insights on the development of nature guide apps, entrepreneurship and on how to make a living with your passion.

April 2024

How the birds come back to the museum

Sunbird Images is working on an application at the NRW Stiftung to help modernise the local museum. One part is the reactivation of the beautiful bird showcases, another to complement the existing exhibition with digital tools like Virtual Reality headsets and software  to bring the museum to the digital age and attract new visitors.

April 2024

New Insect App already in the Charts!

Shortly after its launch our new BUND Insekten Kosmos app already made it to visibility in the app charts -showing proof of the app’s quality as well as Sunbird’s app store marketing capabilities

April 2024

It's finally here: BUND Insekten Kosmos

After six years of hard work we are proud to present another astonishing app: the BUND Insekten Kosmos app!

It enables users to identify nearly 2,000 insects native to Germany – manually or via automatic image recognition. The app includes 7,000 breathtaking photos and illustrations.

Available now for iOS devices (see button below) – Android to follow soon!

January 2024

Making of NABU App + Book

Today, 13 January, Peter gave a presentation on the insights on making of the NABU Vogelwelt App and the NABU Vogelbuch. The event was a raving success and the audience was very impressed by our work and team 🙂
January 2024

Sunbird is part of a Global Innovation

We are very proud to be part of the Swarovski Optik team helping to develop the World’s First Smart Binoculars, a groundbreaking innovation presented at the CES in Las Vegas.
The AX Vision binoculars can automatically identify birds, mammals and insects with the help of Artificial Intelligence, while continuing to observe nature.
The integrated Live Viewing function enables to share your observations simultaneously with other people.