Many companies are increasingly looking for a way to engage in activities to contribute to save the planets biodiversity or help decreasing climate change acceleration. Some have used existing organisations, such as the WWF or Greenpeace with supporting donations but many seek an individual pathway. Sunbird Images would like to offer help in doing the right thing and reaching as many people as possible. Sunbird Images has a vast experience in creating and distributing mobile apps and with conservationists and biologist on board we know where your money is placed most effectively.

In addition to an individual approach which we are more than welcome to engage in we have many very interesting ongoing conservation app projects which you might be interested in financially supporting. The WBA (World Bird App), or the bee identification app aimed at the general public are two examples which already drew attention to open and silent corporate supporters to name but a few. Please, just simply get in contact with us we’d love to discuss different options and support you with our knowledge in this field!

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