Sunbird Images has carried out a number of projects to help scientists deal with large sample sets digitally. Projects can vary widely and are based on the customers needs:

Whether it is setting up a customised database with web access or an app driven AI based tool to help faster dertermine parasite infected cells from non-infected ones under a microscope implementations vary greatly. With AI experts, prime mobile and web app developers as well as biologists in our core team we are sure to be able to help finding inovative solutions to challenges you may face. Simply get in touch and we will come and visit you at your lication to analyse the problem for you free of charge.

Sunbird sets up databases

Organized digital data leads to a better understanding of key components in the data as well as eliminates redundancies, saving time, and disc space.

Plasmodium infected erythocytes are being counted by a Sunbird created AI based app

Storing the results digitally from Sunbird created AI model predictions such as this, allow us to easily manage count statistics, create visual representations from the received data, and learn where improvements can be made in the further implementations when analysing the data.

Digitalisation of scientific bird skin collection

Digitalizing data opens the doors to improved management and publicity of physical collections. Collections can be visually representable remotely and presented in software, such as a mobile application or web application.

Db easily accessible through customized input mask tailored to your needs

A custom input mask will give your team direct access to the database without needing any experience in Computer Sciences. Simply create the fields which are necessary for your dataset, and a custom form will be prepared for your team.