100 Pilze!

Sammeln, Bestimmen und Zubereiten

Naturführer zum Identifizieren der 100 häufigsten Pilze Deutschlands, Österreichs und der Schweiz

The 100 most common mushrooms of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

This digital nature guide on more than 270 pages comprises the most common and easiest to distinguish 100 mushroom species in Europe. The mushrooms are illustrated with 198 photos in total, in order to enable a safe identification. This is further supported by the fact that the mushrooms in the photos are show in their natural environment. The identification key structures all mushrooms in certain groups which are also easy to distinguish also for non-experts.

Comprehensive texts with interesting information about the individual birds regarding size, habitat, population size, distribution, status and several more complete this ebook.

This digital mushroom guide is the ideal companion to identify mushrooms in nature! Well suited also for beginners!

A symbol code directly points out whether a mushroom is edible, inedible or poisonous

Comprehensive content:


100 different mushrooms


each species is illustrated with selected high quality colour photos in nature

moreover: The photos and distribution maps can easily be enlarged by a touch of the finger

to each species there is elaborate information with regards to similar (poisonous) species as well as:

  • appearance (extensive description)
  • poisonousness
  • type of poisoning
  • taxonomy (relatedness)
  • possibilities for confusion (species are listed)
  • habitat (where the mushroom grows)
  • synonym (a different name under which the mushroom is known)
  • 273 pages
  • in total more than 200 photos


Special features of this e-book:


clearly arranged and easy to navigate menu


graphically well-shaped layout for a dead easy identification


rare species which only confuse identification have deliberately been excluded from this e-book


introduction with photos, tips and tricks when collecting mushrooms


easy to use identification key by pictures


includes 50 tasty mushroom recipes

This E-Book was developed by passionate field ornithologists and published biologists. This experience helps also the inexperienced user to safely distinguish edible mushrooms from their poisonous look-alikes in the field.

The gatherer is shown which mushrooms grow under which trees and the texts contain much important information for each species.


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ISBN: 978-3-946074-10-6