All Birds PR -> Antigua

All Birds West Indies: Puerto Rico east to Antigua

Blue Label

The app encompasses common birds but also all migrants, vagrants, and established introduced species.

Unique: It covers Puerto Rico as well as the following islands separately: Virgin Islands, Saint-Martin, Saint Eustatius, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saba, Montserrat, Antigua-Barbuda, and Anguilla!

This bilingual (English and Spanish) app provides at your fingertips a mini-encyclopedia with extensive text as well as visual and audio resources.

Each species is represented by an individual species account featuring a total of 2,570 superb images depicting distinct plumages including variations and subspecies, distribution maps, and bird sounds.

This app updates and expands on the groundbreaking book and app “Puerto Rico’s Birds in Photographs: an Illustrated Guide including the Virgin Islands” by Professor Mark Oberle.

This app offers comprehensive content


includes all 415 bird species of Puerto Rico and the northeastern Lesser Antilles


2,570 images show subspecies + geographic, age and sex variants


455 recordings of bird songs and calls + dynamic spectrograms of all songs and calls


bird names displayed in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Latin (scientific)


extensive descriptions to every species enriched with references for further study


detailed distribution maps of Puerto Rican breeders



What You Get


easy-to-use identification key to successively narrow down species by characteristics (size, crown colour...)


helpful search function to quickly find the species you are looking for by name


settings option to choose a specific country of the region, and display endemic + vagrants


most advanced compare mode of any bird app – up to 8 species on the phone and 16 on the tablet


3 possible views to display species: by group, A-Z list (alphabetically), category (clustered by related taxa)


create a personal sightings list - automatically plots all spots on a map via GPS, which can be edited – and sort your sightings by group, name, or date

Once downloaded no internet connection is needed!

All updates are free of charge

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