Fågelsång Id – fåglar

Automatically identify birds from their songs and calls

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Fågelsång Id helps you to automatically identify the birds of the Sweden by their songs and calls.

The original! And the best!

The Times Newspaper stated that the app “Does pretty much what it says on the tin” and was surprised that “this astonishing piece of software costs about the same as a cup of coffee”.

Bird Watching Magazine rated it 9 out of 10 saying it is “remarkably accurate”.

To see how the app works watch the film on vimeo.com/isoperla/birdsongid, or for a demo go to YouTube:


This app offers comprehensive content


more than 100 of the most common species found in Sweden


an audio reference library of more than 200 songs and calls


at least one photo to each species


descriptions to each bird species incl. ecology, habitat, size etc.


gallery view to identify birds by their families


playful bird quiz to test your bird knowledge



What You Get


Special automatic recognition function: To identify a bird by its song or call just record it for 30 seconds.


Compare mode 2-4 species on screen.


Create own sightings map; see what the community found.


Our aim is to get the correct bird in the top three of those listed. In our testing of over 1,000 samples we found the success rate to be 85%.


Easy-to-use identification key to narrow down species manually.


Automatically plots all spots on a map via GPS, which can be edited.

Once downloaded no internet connection is needed!

All updates are free of charge

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