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Shop plants and soil and have it delivered to your doorstep


FlowerCam is unique in Germany!

A beautiful flowering plant, but what’s its name? And where can I get the plant for my garden from? The answer to these questions is FlowerCam: Simply take a photo to automatically identify the plant, directly order it via the app and have it delivered to your doorstep. Also order your necessary garden supplies via the app at the same time!

FlowerCam is the app that offers plant lovers everything at once! The app was developed by botanical professionals, doctoral biologists as well as professional and passionate botanists.

And the app is for free! The automatic recognition function as well as the planting and caring tips are available for only € 4.99 per year! 

Currently the app is only available in German.

This app offers comprehensive content


3,500 popular garden plants - from winter flowering witch hazels to 'Indian Summers'


over 10,000 high quality, specifically chosen photos in total


species account to each plant with description of blossom, leaves, bark, fruit, and growth


important information on possible uses, habitat and soil as well as valuable insights on planting and care tips


specifically designed symbols showing location needs, flowering time, and a species' hardiness at a glance


over 1,000 garden supply products such as fertilizer, earth, pots, garden tools and even greenhouses



What You Get


automatic species identification via image recognition


shopping function - directly buy the plant you discovered and have it shipped to your doorstep


sharing function – let family and friends know about your plant discoveries and purchases


the app as a personal plant consultant – manually narrow down the plant you are looking for via criteria like colour, characteristics, usage, and ecology


favourites function to quickly find your preferred plants


find the next partner garden centre around you

Once downloaded no internet connection is needed!

All updates are free of charge

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