Ever since the foundation of Sunbird Images, Peter and Georg have used tour guides and acted as nature guides themselves. The goal of a good nature tour guide is to provide customers with an unforgettable experience. To achieve this, they have to recognize the needs of their customers and tailor their tour accordingly. In addition to the actual task of bringing the clients to the right place at the right time, the guide‘s main task is to impart knowledge. To be able to introduce the tour participants to animals, plants and other spectacular natural phenomena, the guide needs an excellent knowledge of the area. In addition, the competent handling of technical equipment such as binoculars and cameras as well as a profound knowledge of the species are indispensable skills too. Given the abundance of animals and plants, not every guide has expert knowledge of every single animal or plant group. Therefore, a good bird guide and a standard reference book on the mammals of a region is often a typical accessory of many tour guides who want to reassure themselves with a quick glance at the book or who want to further educate themselves accordingly in their free time. 

Sunbird Images has made it its business to bring people closer to nature and to impart knowledge about animals and plants. An important attention is thereby on multiplicators and Wildlife Ambassadors, who pass the knowledge on, learned by themselves, again to many further humans. For their commitment in this area Georg and Peter were distinguished with the renowned Hodgekiss and McArthur Award of Excellence. 


Golden Safari Guide

THE app to go on Safari

The Sunbird Images App “Golden Safari Guide” is a successful example of a technical solution that enjoys great popularity with tour guides. This app covers a huge number of animals that participants of an Africa Safari typically encounter. In addition to the many striking mammals, the app also includes hundreds of birds, reptiles, amphibians, as well as invertebrates. Depending on the destination, you can choose the appropriate set from up to eight different African countries. Unlike the information booklets usually issued by tour operators or even traditional nature guides in book form, the app is not only equipped with a variety of significant images, it also contains the animal sounds of many species. Also animal tracks are contained, which helps both the Guide, and the participants of a safari to know which animals have recently been around and may be followed. Likewise important references for the security to travelers are information to possible hazardousness of the respective animals. This applies not only to numerous venomous snakes, but also to other animals, which are often underestimated in this regard, but which sometimes can be fatal. 


The ultimate digital pocket guide

The app contains a lot of background information on the behavior, ecology, and lifestyle of all animals. Sighted animals can be saved in separate lists with exact location information. This is a very helpful tool especially for the tour guides when planning their trips, in order to bring their clients reliably to the places where certain animals can be found at certain times. 


The animals in the app are divided into different categories and subcategories so that they can be found quickly. The individual categories can either be browsed in a relaxed manner or searched for specific information. The app offers a great opportunity to review what you have seen during the day, edit entries, or simply deepen your knowledge. Thus prepared, the success of the next trip is almost guaranteed.